When was the last time someone gave you a sticker?
Yes, this can sound silly but I think it adds a little humor and personality when you add a digital sticker to a document. If you open up OneNote Windows 10 App you will see under the Insert Tab a feature called stickers. This will allow you to choose and edit stickers within OneNote and add them pretty much anywhere on your OneNote document.  You can also find stickers in OneNote online.

I know personally, this is a huge hit in the Education world. If you are an educator there is a much larger selection for stickers in OneNote. If you are using OneNote Windows 10 App you need to make sure that you go into the settings and turn on the Class Notebook Feature. This will allow a larger selection of stickers to appear.


Here is a link to the OneNote Stickers just in case you wanted to copy the images and use them in other documents.


Here is a link to free Microsoft Education GIPHY’s.