Coexistence between Microsoft Teams and Skype.

Today there can be co-existence between Microsoft Teams and Skype. There are a ton of collaboration experiences that you can leverage within Teams that really lights up your productivity experience. Chat, calling, and meeting capabilities are some of the few basic features that are most popular within Microsoft Teams. Depending on how you choose to deploy Teams, these capabilities will overlap with the capabilities delivered by Skype for Business for a given user. The default mode is to run Teams alongside Skype for Business; however, a user can be assigned one of several coexistence modes that were designed to ensure that these capabilities don’t overlap for that user.

It really all comes down to what you are trying to accomplish? What is your purpose for coexistence? Skype for Business has been a great product that has really helped people communicate for there day to day needs. Microsoft Teams takes this communication experience to a whole new level. It organizes your communication but also lights up your collaboration experience while keeping you focused on one platform. For more details on how to set up Co-Existence between Microsoft Teams and Skype please see this great article that can supply you with the technical know how’s on how to set things up within your environment.