Microsoft Teams can be pretty self-explanatory. Creating a team, channel or even responding to a chat is something that you can figure out pretty fast. What many do not realize is the power of the search bar in Micorosft Teams.


Here are some key search tips and tricks that can make you into a Microsoft Teams Ninja!

Search Command


/dnd Do not disturb.
/goto (Type in Channel name) It takes you right to that channel.
/who (Type in the name of the person) Will take you directly in the who app and tell you who they are and who their manager is. Dive in deeper into the WHO App. This has great features.
/call (Type in name of person) It starts a call with that person.
When you hit “@” it lists the apps that you have installed. @Weather (Type City) and you have the weather.
Type someone’s name in the search bar. In the search bar just type someone’s name for quick access to a chat that you had with them.
@Places type “Café” It will show you nearby café’s.
Mentioning someone while sharing a resource. Type in a chat with another person @youtube then you can type in a name of a youtube video and share this with them that way.
“/” There are tons of /commands. Just type in “/” and you will see them.

It’s all about making communications richer. If you would like to learn more keyboard shortcuts dealing with Microsoft Teams check out this office accessibility teams article.