Microsoft Teams is a powerful communication and productivity tool. Communicating with others is a strength of Microsoft Teams. Here are some simple questions and answers on communicating with Microsoft Teams.

Can I send private messages?

In addition to team channels and group chats, you can set up a private chat with any Microsoft Teams user.  In Microsoft Teams you can have 1 on 1 chat or group chat. You also have the option of naming a chat to help you stay more focused on the topic of discussion.

Can I favorite or pin a chat?

You can favorite a chat by clicking on the ellipses button next to the chat conversation and then pinning the chat. This will pin it so that you can keep it pinned in the top left for easier access. You can pin or unpin chat conversations at any point.

chat pin

Can I make calls with Microsoft Teams?

Another way to communicate in Microsoft teams is through Audio or Video calls. You can call a group or an individual person in Microsoft Teams using your phone or your PC. You can also check your call history or even call and check your voicemail. Any missed calls and voicemail will show up in your activity feed. When you make a call through Microsoft Teams the person whom you are trying to reach does not have to have Microsoft Teams in order to speak with you. Check with your organization to see if you have the calling out feature turned on first.

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