How do I get someone’s attention or mention someone?

The best way to make sure people see your message is to @mention them. Just type @ before a name and choose the person you want to mention from the picker. They’ll get a notification and a number will appear next to the channel you mentioned them in. To @mention someone on iOS or Android, just tap @ in the compose box or type @ before someone’s name.

What does it mean to be mentioned or @mentioned?

If you’re @mentioned, it means someone wants to include you in a conversation or get your attention. If you type a @ before someone’s name, they’ll be @mentioned (and notified). Don’t worry, no one else will receive a notification. They will be able to see that you @mentioned someone, though.

How do I see who’s in a channel?

Channels are open to the entire team. You can view the member lists for each channel. Just select teams from the bottom menu on your mobile device, then select the team you will like to look at. Once you select the team you will see the channels that are associated with that team. Next to the team name you will see an ellipsis. Click on that ellipsis and an option to View Members, Manage Channels or Leave Team will appear.

Where do I find more information about a teammate?

  • Android: In a channel or chat, just tap someone’s avatar to see their contact card.
  • iOS: In a channel, tap someone’s avatar to see their contact card. From your chat list, tap their avatar and then tap their name at the top of your conversation.
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