Are you constantly changing the view size of your fonts when checking your outlook email? Here is a tip that will make help you adjust the font and zoom feature so that everytime that you check your outlook it is set up in the format that you prefer.

Open up Outlook 2016 and make sure that you set your view to Reading pane. You can find this in the Ribbon. Here is where you can change the size of messages in your Reading pane for a single message or for all received messages by using the Zoom feature.

To change the zoom level on all received messages

  1. You can now change the zoom level on all received messages. Click the percentage to the right of the Zoom slider to open the Zoom window. (You can find this in the bottom right corner of the reading pane when viewing your message)
    Zoom and Stick 2
  2. Select one of the default options or enter a specific percentage number.
  3. To apply this zoom level to all messages, check the Remember my preference check box and then click OK.

Here is the where you can go to learn more about the Zoom and Stick feature in Outlook.