Microsoft Teams can benefit you in many ways. It’s a tool that focuses on productivity and simplicity. Here are 5 ways that Microsoft Teams can help you accomplish both of those things.

Less email

Groups who use Microsoft Teams receive fewer emails per month. Who doesn’t need or want less email?

Better call quality

Microsoft Teams has a superior architecture on new infrastructure. Microsoft Teams was born in the cloud. This allows the telephony experience to shine with better call quality.

Pervasive and persistent chat

Communicate in the moment. Conversations continue in context. Pick up where you left off and easily ramp new team members.

Mobile freedom

Microsoft Teams is fast and responsive. Do everything on the go that you can do on your PC. Everyone has there workflow and their favorite devices. Microsoft Teams allows you to work where you want to work.


In Microsoft Teams you can access files, chat and have a key presence without leaving the workspace. Each day you find new and rich ways to for everyone to express themselves and contribute.