Are you using OneDrive Sync Client to its full potential?

OneDrive allows you to sync your files between your computer and the cloud. This ensures that you will have access to your files from anywhere. You can work with your synced filed directly in File Explorer and/or Finder.

What if you are offline? No worries. You can continue to work, and as soon as you are back online, any changes that you or others make will sync automatically.

File OneDrive Sync
OneDrive has a selective sync feature. You can control the amount of space OneDrive files take on your computer and conserve your bandwidth during the sync processes. All you have to do is select which folders you wish to sync on your device.

What are “Files On Demand”?

Files On-Demand (FoD) allows people to browse and manage their files in OneDrive and SharePoint Online team sites without always using up disk space. Files On-Demand works with files and folders across your OneDrive content, and those files and folders you choose to sync from SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.