Microsoft 365 usage analytics allows you to gain insights on the adoption of specific services in Microsoft 365 through a Power BI dashboard. This dashboard visualizes all of the usage data and enables you to create custom reports that can be shared with others in your organization.

Do I need to create a Power BI report or template?

No, the Microsoft 365 usage analytics is a template app that gives you the information on your environment’s adoption/usage. It also comes with pre-built reports to get more in-depth insight.

Can I drill down on this data?

Yes, you can drill down to get more insights from this data. You will be able to access detailed reports by selecting the data tables.

Can I make the collected data anonymous?

Yes, you can make the collected data anonymous. To do this, you must be a global admin. You will be able to hide identifiable information such as user, group, and site names in reports as well as the templates app.

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