What kind of information protection does Microsoft Teams offer?

To meet your legal, regulatory and content security needs, Teams offers the following information protection capabilities through the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center:

Capability Description
Archive Any content stored in any Teams-related workload needs to be preserved immutably according to the enterprise corporate policy.
Compliance content search Any content stored in any workload can be searched through rich filtering capabilities. All content can be exported to a specific container for compliance and litigation support​.
eDiscovery Rich eDiscovery in-place capabilities, including case management, preservation, search, analysis, and export are available to help our customers simplify the eDiscovery process and quickly identify relevant data while decreasing cost and risk.
Legal hold When any team or individual is put on in-place hold or litigation hold, the hold is placed on both the primary and the archived messages (not including edits or deletes).
Audit log search All team activities and business events must be captured and available for customer search and export.
Exchange online protection Email messages that are sent to a channel are filtered for spam, malware, malicious links, spoofing, and phishing via Exchange Online Protection and Advanced Threat Protection for Office 365.
Conditional access We ensure that access to Teams is restricted to devices that are compliant with your IT admin or corporate organization set policies and security rules. This includes MDM and MAM support with Intune for iOS and Android.