How to show a scrolling transcript window for a video in Microsoft Stream

From the playback page of any Microsoft Stream video, you can view a scrolling transcript window so you can easily navigate and follow along with the spoken content of a video. If you scroll the transcript window, it will stop automatic scrolling.

Step 1: In Stream, go to a video, and click View settings.

Step 2: Click Show transcript.


How to edit the transcript window in Microsoft Stream

The transcript window makes it easy for viewers to read a video’s transcript while watching. If you are the owner of a video, you can use the transcript window to edit the words in the transcript.

Step 1: In the transcript window, click Edit.


Step 2: When you’re in edit mode, you can select one segment at a time for editing. There are two buttons that appear next to the active segment.

    • Use the gray first button to replay the current segment, helping confirm edits by re-listening to the audio.
    • Use the green second button to deselect the current segment when you are finished editing.


Step 3: After you are finished with your edits, click Done.