Admin mode for videos

When a Stream admin enters admin mode for a video, they can take most actions, just as if they were an owner or editor of that content:

Manage video metadata, permissions, download, delete, etc

  1. Find a video in Stream
  2. Select  > Edit

Manage video comments, transcript, Forms

  1. Go to the player page for a video
  2. Select On to enter STREAM ADMIN MODE 1
  3. You can now edit or delete comments, edit the transcript, or change interactivity Forms information

Admin mode for channels

When a Stream admin enters admin mode for a channel, they can take most actions just as if they were an owner or editor of that content:

  • Change channel name, description, channel image
  • Delete channel

Manage channel metadata, settings, delete, etc

  1. Go to a channel page
  2. Select  (More button) > Edit

Admin mode for groups

For groups in Stream there are some caveats to what can be changed as a Stream admin.

For a group in Stream that is based on an Office 365 Group a Stream admin can only perform the following actions in admin mode because those settings are Stream specific settings:

  • Change the “Allow all members to contribute” setting
  • Change settings about channels inside the group

The following settings about the Office 365 group itself can only be changed in Stream if you are both a Stream admin and an Office 365 global admin:

  • Group name
  • Group access level
  • Group classification/sensitivity
  • Delete group
  • Group membership

For Stream only groups (which don’t have the O365 tag on them) all settings about the Stream only group can be changed as a Stream admin:

  • Group name
  • Group description
  • Group access
  • Group membership

Manage group metadata, settings, delete, etc.

  1. Go to a group page
  2. Select On to enter STREAM ADMIN MODE 2