The Channel calendar app can be added to a Teams channel as a tab allowing users to see all the scheduled meetings for that channel. This will allow you to manage appointments, events, and meetings much easier. Channel calendars allow you to bring together all of your channel meetings in an organized view. By default, channel meetings are not added to a user’s calendar.

It can become difficult to keep track of the various channel meetings – especially if there are multiple and/or recurring meetings in a channel. The channel calendar app helps users to stay on-top of channel meetings by presenting those meetings visually in a familiar calendar format. 

Please note that this app does not add a calendar to a Teams channel. It simply surfaces all channel meetings in a calendar format. Each channel can have one calendar. The beauty of this feature is that now you can access all events in the channel from one place. All members—except guests—can add events to the calendar and view event details.

Impact to administrators 

There is no action for administrators to take. The Channel calendar is available to all users by default. 

Administrators can control apps by following the guidance in the article: Manage your apps in the Microsoft Teams admin center . 

Impact to users 

Users can add the Channel calendar to any Teams channel by clicking Add a tab (+) > Channel calendar > Add 

As with any tab in a Teams channel, the Channel calendar tab can be: 

  • Added by any member of the team 
  • Renamed by any member of the team 
  • Deleted by any member of the team 

When a channel meeting is created, a new post is automatically created in the Teams channel. Users will therefore receive an activity feed and/or a banner notification – depending on their notification settings. If a user has notifications turned OFF, the user will only see the event when they open the channel calendar. 

Meeting organizers can add a channel meeting to a user’s personal calendar by explicitly adding the user(s) in the Add required attendees field of a channel meeting. 

Attendees can add events to their personal calendar using the Add to calendar action on the meeting details page. 

Note: Guest users cannot add the meeting to their personal calendar and cannot see the channel calendar. 


  • Channel calendars are currently not available for private channels. 
  • The Channel calendar is not currently accessible by guest users. A guest user will see the Channel calendar tab, but when they click the tab, the user sees a message telling them that their exchange calendar isn’t setup.