You can now natively stream your Microsoft Teams meetings to an external audience using a Real-Time Message Protocol (RTMP)stream. This will allow your Teams meetings to easily be broadcasted to endpoints like LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitch.

To stream with RTMP, you must first have the following:

Use the Custom Streaming meeting app

The Custom Streaming meeting app allows you to input the RTMP URL and key. You can then begin streaming your Teams meeting content.

Note: The custom streaming meeting app can only be added to your meeting during the meeting by the meeting organizer.

After adding the custom streaming meeting app as shown above, you will see two input fields. Input both the Stream URL and Stream key.

After you fill out these fields, the Start streaming button will enable, allowing you to begin streaming.

Select Start streaming. A final prompt will appear to confirm that the stream should begin.

If you do not have the live streaming mode policy available to you, you will see a message in the app directing you to contact your IT administrator.

Technical limitations

  • Only one RTMP stream can be enabled at a time. If you have added more than one streaming app to the meeting and start a second stream, the original stream will stop and the meeting output will begin on the newly started stream.
  • For security reasons, the RTMP URL and key are not saved in the Custom Streaming app.
  • Navigating away from the app will clear the fields, but the stream will continue.