As you work through your plan, you might have questions for the person working on a task. You can add a comment to the task to start a discussion. 

  • Add a comment to a task
  • Who gets notified about my comment?
  • Why can’t I see or add task comments?

Add a comment to a task

To add a comment, select a task to bring up its details, and then use the Comments box to discuss things with your team. Click Send when you’re ready to post the comment.

Once you post a comment, you can’t delete or edit it.

After a comment is added, the task shows a comment symbol to give the team a heads-up that there’s something new to read.

Comments are shown in the task with the most recent comment at the top.

Who gets notified about my comment?

Your comment is sent to:

  • Your plan’s Microsoft 365 Group. You can see it along with all the conversations going on for all tasks in your plan. In Outlook, select the three dots next to your plan’s name, and then choose Conversation. From there, you can see comments for all of the plan’s tasks in Outlook on the web. You can also use the Outlook Groups app to view conversations about your plan. 
  • Anyone who has already commented on the task. Email notifications for comments don’t automatically get sent to the task owner, and @-mentions are not currently supported. 

Why can’t I see or add task comments?

There are a few reasons you might not be able to see or add task comments:

  • If you paste into the Comment field from an email message including “From:” and “Sent:” fields, your comment will look like it has been saved, but everything after and including those fields will not appear the next time the task is opened. This is because Exchange handles these fields as a forward or reply, and treats them differently than normal text. To work around this issue:
    • For short emails, remove the “From:” and “Sent:” fields from your comment before choosing Send.
    • For long emails with many “From:” and “Sent:” fields, consider adding the email to the task as an attachment and referring to it from the comments.
  • If your organization is not using Exchange Online for your account, you may not be able to comment on tasks in Planner.
  • You can’t add comments to Planner tasks in plans that are created by Connected Yammer Groups.