With cameo, you can insert your live camera feed directly on a PowerPoint slide. You can then apply the same effects to your camera feed as you can to a picture or other object, including formatting, transitions, and styles.

Cameo is available to Microsoft 365 subscribers in the desktop app for Windows or macOS.

How to use Cameo:

  1. Select Insert Cameo. A placeholder for the camera feed will appear on the slide.
  2. Select the Preview icon Camera button (off) in the placeholder to turn on the camera feed. Note: In a shared document, only you see your video feed. 
  3. In the Camera tab, select the arrow below the Preview button to select other cameras. Only one video feed can be used on a slide.
  4. Use the tab to apply effects like Camera StylesCamera ShapeCamera Border, and Camera Effects. Use can also arrange or overlay the camera feed like you would any other picture or object on the slide or in the Navigation Pane.

    PowerPoint Camera Ribbon 2022
  5. Use the picture anchors to adjust the size and placement on the slide.
  6. You can also cut-and-paste the camera feed, plus use Animations and Transitions, like MorphDesign Ideas also work with cameo.
  7. Select Slide Show (in the ribbon) to present using cameo.

How to use PowerPoint Cameo – fromMike Tholfsen youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gCwcj-0v5M