Live language interpretation has arrived in Microsoft Teams meetings!

Now you can add real-time interpretation to your Teams meeting. Just invite the interpreters you’d like and set it up in Meeting options. Attendees can then select from the available languages, making meetings more inclusive for everyone.

It’s easy to set up interpretation while creating your meeting.

How to enable language interpretation:

  1. When creating your Teams meeting, add your interpreter as an invitee.
  2. Select Meeting options.
  3. Select yes for Enable language interpretation
  4. Search for your invited interpreter. Then select the source language (the language spoken by the presenter) and target language (the language you want available for attendees).
  5. Select Add more interpreters for additional languages.​​
  6. Select Save

If you need to switch interpreters during the meeting, open meeting options and select a different attendee. Note that you can’t add new target languages after the meeting has started.

When joining the meeting, attendees can select which language they want to listen to. By default, they’ll hear both the speaker and the interpreter (with the interpreter at a higher volume) but can choose to hear only the interpreter.  

Learn More Here.