School communities are made up of many diverse learners, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing, English language learners, and their parents who also may not speak or understand the classroom language well. Studies have shown that 98.6% of students find captions, such as those offered through Live Captions in Microsoft Education solutions, helpful, using them to help comprehension, accuracy, engagement, and retention.  

Live Captions in Microsoft Teams offers real-time captions of anyone speaking during a video or audio call. This feature reduces confusion and increases engagement. 

Live Presentations in PowerPoint also help ensure that students can access the content in their preferred language. It removes language barriers using real-time verbal translation. 

Live Captions in OneNote initiates a “conversation” and then through a shared code, students can enable automatic translation. Everything said in class is transcribed in the student’s notebook in whatever language they choose, and students can simultaneously take notes or draw right on the same page and learn in the way that best suits them.