Updated Assignment List view for Teachers

The Assignments list for teachers has been updated to a set of tabs for easy view of upcoming and past assignments. The Upcoming tab shows all assignments due today and in the future for the class, or across classes. The Past Due tab shows all assignments where the due date has passed and still have students that have not submitted their work or work has not been returned by the teacher.  Teachers can now search for assignments by title, for quick retrieval of any assignments given to the class.

Updated Assignment List view for Students

Students want to easily focus on what’s next in their list of assignments, and Teams’ latest set of updates to this assignment list will give students the visibility they need to help keep them organized. Upcoming assignments are now broken down into weekly tabs with the focus on work this week, for the upcoming week and further out work. These tabs will help students focus on the more immediate assignments that are to be completed this week.

All assignments are now grouped within dates, for a quick view of what’s coming up for each day. All Past Due assignments are also organized in a simple list, sorted from newest to oldest.  Students can now search for assignments titles, for quick retrieval of any assignment in the class.

Grade Trends and Distribution view in the Gradebook

In the Gradebook for Assignments, we’ve added the average grade for the class, all assignments, and for each student. Teachers can also now view a report that shows the trend and distribution of grades for their whole class, for each student, or for individual assignments, and how their students trend over time.

If students are looking for more detailed information, they can directly to go to the updated Assignments Report in Insights. To learn more about these new enhancements to the Assignments report, click  here.