Identify and pin important collaborators

You might receive insights from various people but some items might deserve more attention than others. For example, an outstanding task suggestion from your manager or a message from a key customer would likely be of higher priority.

Based on your collaboration patterns, you can pin some of your contacts as important. All insights from pinned important contacts are shown with higher priority at the top of the page.

To pin a contact, select the pin icon on the bottom left below the contact’s name:

Screenshot that shows pinning a contact.

To unpin a contact, select the unpin icon:

Screenshot that shows unpinning a contact.

Set up 1:1 meeting reminders

While staying in touch with top collaborators can be difficult, a quick 1:1 meeting with key contacts can help you nurture your professional network. Microsoft Viva Insights can help you set a target 1:1 meeting frequency for each contact and provide you with meeting recommendations if you are falling out of touch.

In the following example, if Lynne was an important colleague, you could set up a monthly 1:1 meeting target with Lynne by selecting the people icon and then selecting the Monthly reminder frequency. Viva Insights will keep track of your meetings with Lynne and if you have not had a 1:1 with Lynne for a month, it will suggest setting up a 1:1 meeting and help you schedule it.

If you want to remove the 1:1 meeting target, you can select the people icon and select None. If you are a manager, Viva Insights will automatically suggest a biweekly 1:1 meeting with your direct report.

Screenshot that shows Stay connected settings.

1:1 meeting suggestions

If you’ve set up a target 1:1 meeting cadence with your colleague through the Microsoft Viva Insights app and are falling out of the set cadence, Viva Insights will remind you to set up a 1:1 meeting and help you schedule it.

In the following example, you can select one of the proposed meeting times and then select Send invite to send a meeting invitation to Lynne. Viva Insights will only show meeting time blocks when both of you are available to meet. If none of the suggested time blocks work, you can select View calendar for other items to open the Teams calendar and schedule a meeting on your own.

Screenshot that shows scheduling a 1:1.

Reschedule a 1:1 in case of conflict

Microsoft Viva Insights also helps you follow through on your intent to have 1:1 meeting with your colleagues. If, for some reason, the 1:1 meeting invitation you sent to your colleague has a conflict, Viva Insights will help you quickly reschedule the meeting.

In the following example, if your meeting with Lynne has a conflict, Viva Insights will remind you of the conflict ahead of time and you can quickly choose a new time for the 1:1 meeting and select Reschedule to move the meeting invitation.

Screenshot that shows if 1:1 has a conflict.

Stay on top of outstanding task suggestions

It is easy to lose track of commitments that you’ve made to your colleagues in email. This insight helps you make sure that nothing falls through the cracks by reminding you of tasks that you’ve agreed to do. It is based on emails that you’ve sent and requests from your colleagues during the last 14 days of email communication, and includes:

  • Commitments – Something that you promised or committed to do for someone else in an email
  • Requests – Something that another person asked you to do in an email
  • Follow-ups – Something that you asked for from someone else in an email

In the following example, you can select Re: Sync up on Regression Tests to open the email in which you can follow up or select Done to confirm that you’ve already followed up.

Screenshot that shows task about a meeting called Sync on regression tests email.

This insight is available in the languages listed in Briefing languages.

Catch up on unread documents shared with you

Have you searched for that document that you planned to read but you just cannot find it? With so many documents shared across meetings and emails, it can be difficult to stay caught up on documents shared by your colleagues. With this insight you can see a list of the shared OneDrive and SharePoint documents that you need to catch up on.

In the following example, to open the document, select Open. To open the email through which the document was shared, select Re: Sync on Regression Test.

Screenshot that shows task about unread document from a meeting.

@Mentions for pinned important contacts

@Mention is a common way to tag colleagues on important work items. Microsoft Viva Insights can help you quickly triage recent @Mentions from pinned contacts so that you are caught up on important conversations and tasks in Teams. In the following example, select Go to comment to open the conversation and follow up.

Screenshot that shows task about Sync on virtual commute research.

Upcoming meetings that need your RSVP

Let your colleagues know if you can join their meeting so that they can run effective meetings. Meeting attendance information helps meeting organizers better plan and prepare for meetings, and reschedule if needed.

In the following example, select Sync on Proposal to open the meeting invitation for more context on the meeting and then select Accept to accept (or Decline to decline) the meeting invitation.

Screenshot that shows notification that you haven't RSVP'd.