So many amazing new features coming to Teams Premium in the upcoming months. Here is a quick recap of features and where to go to learn more.

Personalized: Easily create meetings that meet your needs

The all-new meeting guides is easily customized and managed by IT. You can select a meeting guide—like a client call, brainstorming meeting, or help desk call—and the options will already be set, reducing the time and thought process around getting the meeting right.

With Teams Premium, you can infuse customized meeting branding into the meeting lobby and create custom backgrounds and together modes for employees to enjoy and IT to manage, to never compromise your brand.

Intelligent: Focus on what matters with AI-powered meetings

With intelligent recap in Teams Premium, you get the power of AI to make the meetings you attend (and miss) more productive and impactful. Intelligent recap uses AI to suggest action items and owners, so that follow-ups are not missed. It’s like having a virtual assistant attend every meeting.

After the meeting, intelligent recap will create smarter recordings with automatically generated chapters and insights such as when your name was mentioned, when a screen was shared, or when you left a meeting early, to help you discover important moments to quickly catch up.

Search also got smarter with suggested speakers that are personalized to you based on who you closely work with, so that you can quickly search through the transcripts by the people you might be most interested in.

Live translation for captions delivers AI-powered, real-time translations from 40 spoken languages so meeting participants can read captions in their own language. If an organizer has Teams Premium, all meeting attendees can enjoy live translated captions.

Secure: Help keep confidential meetings confidential

With advanced meeting protection in Teams Premium, you can now safeguard confidential meetings. With new meeting options like watermarking to deter leaks and limiting who can record, you get additional protections to keep the discussion private. And for Microsoft 365 E5 customers with the most advanced security requirements, you can leverage your existing Microsoft Purview Information Protection sensitivity labels to apply relevant meeting options automatically. That makes setting up protected meetings even easier—simply select one of the familiar sensitivity labels you’re already using to protect sensitive data across Microsoft 365 and let the automation take over. Compliance admins can edit their existing labels in the Security and Compliance Center to enforce the meeting options that should be applied when the label is used in a meeting.

Advanced Virtual Appointments

With Virtual Appointments capabilities your customers can join in a mobile browser—no need to download an app. And with Teams Premium, you get advanced Virtual Appointments to manage the end-to-end appointment experience.

Delight clients

Attendees may lack the technical know-how to successfully join a virtual meeting, or face log-in problems—not to mention simple forgetfulness to join an appointment in the first place. With Teams Premium, facilitate a seamless customer experience that allows your customers to receive text reminders and join custom branded virtual appointments through their mobile devices—without downloading Teams.

Streamline appointment management

Schedulers can lack a unified place to manage appointments or wrestle with nonintegrated platforms. With Teams Premium, appointment schedulers can set up and manage scheduled and on-demand virtual appointments in one location with advanced capabilities like appointment queuing.

Measure rich analytics

There can be a lack of metrics around attendance or participation over time, making it difficult to gain insights and trends to improve the customer experience and business outcomes. With Teams Premium, view usage trends and history of virtual appointment experiences and effectiveness like no-shows and wait times with staff-, department-, and organization-level analytics.

Advanced Webinars

New upgrades to Advanced Webinars:

  • Registration can now allow up to one thousand attendees,
  • includes a co-organizer role
  • stronger interactivity with Q&A
  • attendee reporting
  • Dynamics 365 marketing integration

With Advanced Webinars in Teams Premium, you get the familiar and secure experience of Teams combined with new host controls and event management controls that make it seamless to connect with any audience.

Streamline registration workflows

Building upon the basic webinar capabilities in Teams today, the registration experience is getting even better in Teams Premium with registration waitlist and manual approval. Enabling the waitlist will keep webinar registration open even after the event has reached the capacity set by the organizer. This allows additional people to register and be automatically added to the waitlist. As new spots open up, people will be automatically moved to the pending approval state, which enables the organizer to review their registration information and manually approve or reject each of the registrants. In addition, you can customize the registration start and end time to specify when you want registration to start and end, making it easier to plan for and manage your event.

Enable a registration waitlist and manually approve attendees.

To build excitement and attract attendees to your webinar, you can send automated reminder emails ahead of the event. These emails will be sent to every confirmed registrant on the day of the event and will include a custom-branded header, webinar details, and a link to join the event.

Send automated reminder emails to confirmed registrants before the event.

Customize presenter and attendee experiences

Similar to when you used to gather with the host and presenters in the physical green room ahead of your event, you will be able to connect and manage all the behind-the-scenes action in the virtual green room. Join together with the host and other presenters in a dedicated space separate from attendees, where you can socialize, monitor chat and Q&A, manage attendee settings, and review content before the event starts. And as attendees wait, they will be greeted with a welcome screen and can use chat and Q&A to engage with presenters and each other.

Connect and prep with the host and other presenters in the virtual green room and engage with attendees through chat and Q&A.

As engagement is key to making any webinar successful, it’s not just about how attendees can engage, but also what will keep them engaged. With the ability to manage what attendees see, you don’t have to worry about distractions in case someone’s video accidentally turns on or keeping focus while multiple profile photos of attendees show up on-screen. You can curate the attendee view so attendees only see shared content and participants you bring on-screen. This can include multiple presenters with a presentation or even an attendee raising their hand to ask a question live in the webinar.

Manage the attendee experience so they only see shared content and participants brought on-screen.