Bulk delete a section:

Bulk Delete of a Section in a OneNote Class Notebook is rolling out. This has been a long-time top-requested feature from educators. Works in stand-alone Class Notebooks and in Microsoft Teams. Try it out under “Manage Notebook”.

Delete a class notebook in OneDrive:

When you’d like to delete one or more of your Class Notebooks stored in OneDrive, follow these steps. This applies to notebooks you’ve created using the Class Notebook app.

  1. Sign into Office 365 with your school account.
  2. Select OneDrive.

    Select OneDrive.
  3. From My files, select ClassNotebooks.

    From My files, select Class Notebooks.
  4. Select the check box next to the Class Notebook you’d like to delete, then select Delete.

    Select the Class Notebook you'd like to Delete, then select Delete.
  5. When prompted, confirm that you’d like to Delete the notebook. Your Class Notebook and all its contents will be deleted.