Loop components are portable, editable pieces of content that stay in sync across all the places they are shared. You can embed them in any Outlook item (email or calendar event) just as you can also do in Teams chats. Streamlining the collaboration workflow, Loop components empower your team to ideate, plan, and create together.

You can create a Loop component (e.g., table, paragraph, task list) in an Outlook email and then paste a link to it in a Teams chat. Others can then view and provide comments or edits which will immediately appear in the Outlook mail for you and all others to see.

Note: Loop components is the first feature of the Microsoft Loop app to become available in Outlook.

Get tasks done faster together. Crowd-source an agenda, track a group’s action items, or organize questions and answers. These are just a few scenarios made easier with Loop components. No one ever needs to leave the mail to start collaborating.

Share components. You can now share Loop components into different Outlook emails, calendar events and Teams chats. Recipients can edit from wherever they are and see updates instantly no matter where the changes are made.

Start in email or chat and build from there. Every Loop component you create is automatically saved to a file in OneDrive. So, you might begin collaborating in an Outlook email then later move to the file on Office.com, where you have a larger visual space for editing.

To learn more about Loop Components see resources below: