Designer is built inside Microsoft Edge, and it provides AI-powered design suggestions with DALL-E helping you visually enhance social media posts, invites, and more, without leaving your flow or site you’re on. Select + in the sidebar and turn on Designer (preview) to get started.

How do I enable Designer in Edge?

To use Microsoft Designer in Microsoft Edge, first, you must enable Microsoft Designer in Edge sidebar by clicking the “+” icon in the sidebar and turning on the toggle key for Microsoft Designer.

Do I need to sign into my Microsoft Account (MSA) to use Designer in Edge?

No, non-authenticated users can use Designer in Edge, but there are some capabilities, including things like the “generate image” function powered by DALL-E, which will require a user to sign in.

When I create a new design in Designer in Edge, will that same design be accessible through the Designer app?

As Designer in Edge is a new feature, we are rolling out functionality over time. Designs created using Designer in Edge will not be stored or available for retrieval in the Designer app initially. We are currently working on design storage and retrieval for signed-in users, so stay tuned.

Is Designer in Edge free to use?

The preview of Designer in Microsoft Edge is available for free on the web. A paid subscription will be required to continue using some of these features at a later date.

Is there a limit to the number of designs I can create?

Currently, there is no limit to the number of designs a user can create through Designer in Microsoft Edge.