Are you looking for a new way to boost your productivity and creativity at work? Do you want to chat with an AI-powered assistant that can help you with various tasks such as generating content, analyzing data, summarizing documents, learning new skills, writing code, and more? Do you want to protect your user and business data from being leaked or used by third parties?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will be excited to hear about Bing Chat Enterprise, the new chat platform for work with commercial data protection. Bing Chat Enterprise is available in Preview for Microsoft 365 subscribers who have an eligible plan and have enabled it for their organization.

Bing Chat Enterprise is a chat-based interface that lets you interact with Bing, the intelligent search engine that powers Microsoft products and services. You can chat with Bing in natural language and ask it to help you with various work-related scenarios. Bing can generate content such as blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, presentations, reports, etc. Bing can also analyze data such as charts, graphs, tables, statistics, etc. Bing can summarize documents such as articles, papers, books, etc. Bing can help you learn new skills such as languages, coding, design, etc. Bing can even write code for you in languages such as Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.

Bing Chat Enterprise is different from Bing Chat in that it protects your user and business data and does not save or use it to train its underlying models. You can chat with confidence that your data will not leak outside your organization. Bing Chat Enterprise also offers more features and capabilities that are tailored for work scenarios.

Bing Chat Enterprise is accessible from and the Microsoft Edge sidebar using your work account. It will also be available in Windows Copilot in the future. You can chat with Bing in over 160 regions around the world and in all the same languages as Bing Chat.

If you are interested in Bing Chat Enterprise and want to learn more about it, please visit the official website or the FAQ page. You can also ask Bing any questions you have and get instant answers. Bing Chat Enterprise is the ultimate chat platform for work with commercial data protection. Try it today and see how it can transform your work experience!


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