Microsoft Viva Connections: A Gateway to a Modern Employee Experience

Are you looking for a way to keep your employees engaged, informed, and connected in the hybrid work environment? Do you want to provide them with a personalized and seamless experience across different devices and platforms? If so, you might be interested in Microsoft Viva Connections, a new employee experience app in Microsoft Teams.

What is Microsoft Viva Connections?

Microsoft Viva Connections is a customizable app that gives different audiences in your organization a personalized destination to discover other Viva apps your organization is licensed for, relevant news, conversations, and the tools they need to succeed. It is built on your current Microsoft 365 ecosystem and leverages existing capabilities like SharePoint, Teams, Viva Engage (formerly called Yammer), and Stream.

Microsoft Viva Connections is composed of three primary components: the dashboard, the feed, and resources. The dashboard is your employee’s digital toolset that brings together the resources they need, such as clocking in for a shift, accessing training materials, or booking a shuttle. The feed delivers updates to the right people at the right time with powerful targeting and scheduling capabilities. It integrates with Viva Engage, SharePoint news, and Stream to display a personalized feed based on post-level targeting of the groups that employees belong to. Resources provide easy access to other Viva apps and services, as well as curated content and tools by providing easy access to resources, tools, relevant news, and popular destinations.

How can you use Microsoft Viva Connections?

Microsoft Viva Connections can help you shape your organizational culture, foster connections among employees, and manage change with transparency. You can use it to:

  • Engage everyone: Invite meaningful conversations and encourage employees to contribute ideas and share views. Create a workplace where everyone’s ideas and voices matter and employees have the flexibility to engage and participate from anywhere.
  • Foster a culture of inclusion: Provide the most relevant content to the right audiences sorted by departments, regions, job roles, and other criteria. Customize Viva Connections with your organization’s name, logo, and colors for a seamless experience.
  • Keep everyone in the flow of work: Help your employees find what they need by offering company information, conversations, and tools—all in one place. Provide useful company resources and actionable tasks in a central, personalized destination, designed to keep your employees in the flow of work.
  • Manage change with transparency: Ensure visibility of high-priority content by boosting it to the top of employees’ feeds based on various conditions such as a set number of impressions or date. Support multiple Viva Connections experiences for different parts of your business.

How can you get started with Microsoft Viva Connections?

Microsoft Viva Connections is included in Microsoft 365 plans with SharePoint Online. You can quickly deploy and manage it through the Microsoft Teams admin console, without the need to push additional apps to your employees’ devices. You can also customize and extend it with a rich set of integrations from our partner ecosystem.

To learn more about Microsoft Viva Connections and how to set it up, visit this page or watch this video. You can also explore other Microsoft Viva apps and services that can help you empower your workforce with Viva LearningViva InsightsViva Topics, and Viva Engage.

Microsoft Viva Connections is your gateway to a modern employee experience. Try it today and see how it can help you engage, inform, and empower your workforce.