The Microsoft Whiteboard app is available on Windows 10. You can launch the app, sign in with a Microsoft account and instantly start to create or edit whiteboards.
In order to create a new whiteboard, on the home screen press, the + button and you will create a new whiteboard.

You will have a nice amount of tools for marking up that whiteboard. Tools included are pens, highlighters, an eraser, a ruler, as well as other cool features to unleash your creativity like clipboard features, camera, image and the ability to text your notes into the whiteboard. The power of Whiteboard is not just taking and creating notes, but the ability to share them with others which makes the collaboration process so much easier. Sharing options include the ability to share the whiteboard via email, link, or as an image. Just click the “Share” button in the corner to do it.

A new Education version was just released that can light up the Whiteboard experience even greater. You can now send your whiteboards directly to OneDrive and attach it within your OneNote Notebook. You also will have the ability to change the color of the background or change add a graphing style background.

Whiteboard Backgrounds

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