What is Microsoft Teams and why would I use it?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that helps your team stay organized and connected – all in one place. You can create your own teams, start a group or private chats, share files, set up meetings, make calls, and more. You can access Microsoft Teams from your browser, Windows 10 App, or from your mobile phone. Learn more here: Video: Welcome to Microsoft Teams.


What’s a team?

A team is a group of users with access to a shared team site, discussion channels, files, and other resources. Microsoft Team thrives on helping you stay focused. When there is a need for you to collaborate with others on an idea or project you can easily spin up a team accomplish your goals and then choose whether to keep or delete the team. Learn more here. Video: Overview of teams and channels.


What’s a channel?

Channels are group discussion areas you can create for your teams. When created, each team has a General channel for team-wide announcements and content. You can also create separate channels for different topics and be even more organized and productive. You can also follow a channel to be notified of new posts, so you never miss out on important updates. Learn more here: Video: Overview of teams and channels.

Here is a link to a nice overview that explains Microsoft Teams in much greater depth.