Hello, Office app! Meet the new Office app that could simplify the way that you look at productivity. This Office app can be used with almost any version of Office including the free versions of Office Online.


The Look:

Clean, simple and almost identical to the feel that gives end users quick access to all of their Office apps and documents. This app is a perfect shortcut for easier access to your Microsoft Office tools. It will allow you to access the Office apps available to you whether you have them installed on your device or not. If an app is installed on your machine the Office app knows to take you there; otherwise, it knows to take you to the web version on Office Online.


Click on “Explore all your apps” in the home screen and get access to all of the Office related apps that you have come to love. There is also a “Learn More” link next to the apps that will walk you simple support articles that will walk you through the most common features on how to use that application.

IT Side of the house:

The Office App was built with your organization in mind. Here is a quick list of what your IT team can enable your organization.

  • Customize the user experience with branding from the organization
  • Enable users to access third-party apps using AAD through the Office app
  • Activate Microsoft Search so users can use one search experience to find documents and people across the organization in addition to their own apps and documents

Where can I get this app:

The Office app should be available to users through the online Microsoft Store. Do a quick search on your device first to see if it is already there by search for MyOffice app. Once you open the app, just sign in with your work, school, or free personal Microsoft Account to get started. The app works with any Office 365 subscription, Office 2019, Office 2016, and Office Online – the free web-based version of Office for consumers.

Where can I learn more: