Just recently came across a great Microsoft Surface site that covers a ton of tips and tricks.  Below are some highlights from the Surface site that are extremely easy to test out.

Circle text in Word to select it

Surface Tips

Open a Word doc and select Draw > Ink Editor. Use your pen to circle a word or section of the text, then cut, copy, or paste.

Sign and send contracts

sign and send contracts.PNG

Forget about faxing contracts. Just open the file on your Surface and use Surface Pen to sign (look for DrawInk, or Add notes in whatever app you’re using). Then email the file to seal the deal.

Quickly edit website updates

quickly edit.PNG

Use your Surface Pen to show where updates are needed before your site goes live. Open your preview site in Microsoft Edge and select Add notes. Mark up where changes are needed, then select Save Web Note or Share Web Note.

Collaborate on a PowerPoint deck


Open a PowerPoint file and select the Draw tab. Then use Surface Pen to quickly add notes, circle items, or highlight things. All the comments can be removed later.

Bored? Draw with Surface Pen


Studies show that doodlers have an easier time recalling dull information, so next time you’re in a less-than-riveting meeting, grab your Surface Pen and start drawing.

Give feedback with Surface Pen


Edit and mark up Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with your Surface Pen. Look for the Draw menu. It’s a fast (and dare we say fun) way to give feedback.

Hand-write for better recall


Use Surface Pen in OneNote to hand-write meeting notes (select the Draw menu). Studies show that writing the notes improves memory recall more than typing.

Writing as a meditative practice


Writing for a few minutes every day, on paper or in OneNote, can create calm and connect you to your true self. Jot down whatever’s on your mind. Stuck? Keep writing “I can’t think of anything right now” and see where that takes you.


Learn more about how you can leverage your Surface Pen here.