Microsoft Teams is the single easiest hub for collaboration amongst your workgroups. Teams bring together all of your favorite tools, services, and content together in one place allowing your workgroup to be truly productive and effective.

Microsoft Teams has more than 250+ available integrations that can help transform the way you work. Your enterprise can also easily build their own integrations. Learn more here.

Let’s first take a look at the admin console. Here we can learn how to make some simple changes and bring more visibility to help drive adoption to specific apps and integrations.

We start off by editing the App setup policies. You can access these policies as the admin in your Office 365 tenant. Here you will be able to select the apps that you wish to pin and feature on the app bar. These can be apps that were built by Microsoft, partners or your own developers. By pinning them, your users will be able to see easier and increase app usage.


Above you will a screenshot of the Microsoft Teams Admin Center found in the Office 365 Admin console. Click on Teams apps and then Select Setup Policies. Here you will be able to see the current policies that you have in place if any and whether or not they are custom policies.


When selecting “Developer Policy” you will see a list of the current pinned apps. This is where you will be able to add, remove and reorder those apps that you wish to be pinned.

If you wish to manage access apps for individual users through App permission policy that is an option. You are able to manage who in your organization has access to which apps and integrations.


The ability to control which users can access the app will help in the process of developing and testing your custom apps.

You can target an individual or group when automating policy assignments through the use of PowerShell. Learn more about how to leverage Powershell in Microsoft Teams here.