The ability to embed live documents in OneNote is relatively simple. In the example below, you will see how we are able to use a document that lives in Microsoft Teams, open the document, and embed your live document inside of OneNote. See below for the simple steps on how to accomplish this task.


Step 1: Start with your document in Microsoft Teams. You will next need to click on the  files section in Microsoft Teams.

Open Files in Teams

Step 2: Select and open the document. This should open the document in a Word Online format.

Open in Word Online

Step 3: Click on the ellipses and select “Open in Browser”.

Open in Browser

Step 4: Copy the address from the address bar.

Copy Address

Step 5: Go to the OneNote Windows 10 App and Paste the link.  You will now see a live embedded version of your Word document.

Document Embedded

To learn about the many forms of content that can be embedded in OneNote, please check out this Microsoft Support Blog.