OneNote tags will help take your organizational skills to the next level. When using OneNote, look through your top ribbon. There you will see a tag option. You can search for tags by using tag keywords. You can also associate tags with either handwritten notes or typed notes. Below you will see how easy it is to add tags to your OneNote.

Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Click Home > Find Tags. (Look for the checkbox)

Tag To Do

Step 2: Select from the pre-defined tags or click > Create New Tag. If you choose to create a new or custom tag, just give your new tag a name, select and icon to distinguish it from other tags and click on > Create.

New Tag

Step 3: If you wish to search for a tag, simply look at the menu on the left and select the search icon.  From here you will be able to search for keywords or search for tags. You can search through all notebooks, current notebook, current section, or current page.

tag search