What are apps in Teams and why would I use them?

Apps help you find content from your favorite services and share it right in Teams. Here are some great examples of how you can leverage apps in teams to make your collaboration environment more engaging.

Chat with a bot

Bots provide answers, updates, and assistance in a channel. You can chat with them to get help with task management, scheduling, and more.

Share content on a tab

Tabs help you share content and functionality from a service in a channel. Connect to services like Excel, SharePoint, Forms, OneNote, or a website of your choice.


Get updates from a connector

Connectors send updates and information directly to a channel. Get automatic updates from services like Twitter, RSS feeds, and GitHub.

Add rich content to your messages

These apps find content from different services and send them straight to a message. You can share things like weather reports, daily news, images, and videos with anyone you’re talking to.

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