Immersive Reader:

Microsoft Edge now has Immersive reader built-in for anyone that is looking to improve there reading experience online. The Immersive reader is not a new feature. You can find it this feature in other Microsoft products such as OneNote and Microsoft Word. Now you will have the ability to select content on a web page, right-click, and choose “Open in Immersive Reader.”

Picture Dictionary:

This new feature focuses on the addition of visual definitions of words leveraging the Picture Dictionary. The Picture Dictionary feature will help you view a picture representation of a word on a web page to increase comprehension. Simply select the word on a web page and see a picture that represents the word. You can toggle this feature on and off by navigating to Reading Preferences.

Translate Full Web Pages:

You can now translate full web pages into 54 languages within the Immersive Reader feature of Microsoft Edge. Just navigate to the reading preferences in Immersive Reader, select your language of choice, and see the words change instantly to your preferred language.

Hear the Web:

Edge is not just for reading. You can now hear the web with the new Read aloud in Microsoft Edge. Read aloud translates words on a web page into spoken text so you can absorb information in multiple ways. When activated, you can hear the text read aloud to you while words are highlighted as you go so so that you can easily follow along to aid comprehension. You can choose from up to 25 voice options, 13 languages, and 21 locales. Read aloud is now generally available on desktop and mobile. It also works on and offline.