Add a form to a video

Step 1: In Stream, on the My Content menu, click Videos, and select the video.

Step 2: On the Interactivity tab, click +Add New.

add-form 1

Step 3: To create the form in Forms, click the tool tip next to Form URL, and then click Go to Microsoft Forms.

create-form 2

The form opens in a new browser tab.

Step 4: In the new browser tab displaying Forms. create a new form:

  • If this is the first time you’re using Microsoft Forms, click Get Started, sign in, and then click Create a new form.
  • If you have used Forms before, select New Form or New Quiz.

Step 5: Create your form by giving it a title, adding questions, selecting a theme, and selecting settings. For example, customizing a thank you message and getting an email notification for responses.

For help creating a form, see Create a new formCreate a new quiz, and Format a form.

form-settings 3

Step 6: When you’re done creating your form (the form saves automatically), click Share, and then click Copy to copy the URL of the form.

get-form-url 4

Step 7: Return to the browser tab with your Stream video, and paste the URL you just copied into the Form URL text box.

paste-form-url 5

Step 8: Name your form. You can use a different name in Stream than you do in Forms.

Step 9: Verify that you have the form in the right place in the video. You adjust this by dragging the play head to the new location.

playhead 6

Step 10: Click Add to timeline.

The Interactivity tab shows the new form.

new-form-added 7

Review and share form responses

Step 1: In Forms, click Forms at the top of the page to go to the Forms home page.

Step 2: On the My forms tab, select the form.

Step 3: Click the Responses tab.

For more information about viewing responses, see Check your form results or Check your quiz results.

Step 4: To publish summary information:

a. Click the More icon More icon under the response summary, and then click Create a summary link

b. To get the URL, click Copy

c. Share this link with people who need to see the results

Change the title or location of a form in a video

After you have finished creating a form in Stream, you can’t change its title or place on the timeline. If you need to change these, delete the form in Stream, and then create a new form in Stream that points to your existing form in Microsoft Forms.

Step 1: Click the Interactivity tab for the video. You’ll see a list of all the forms and their locations on the timeline.

list-forms 8

Step 2: To delete the form in Stream, click the arrow next to the time to go to the form, click Delete form, and then in the confirmation dialog box, click Delete.

delete-button 9

Step 3: Follow the steps in Add a form to a video, using your existing form in Microsoft Forms.