From Outlook

  1. Schedule a new meeting in Outlook, ​or open an existing Teams meeting from your Outlook calendar. ​​
  2. Access the meeting options by either:
    • Selecting the Meeting options link in the meeting invitation body, below the meeting join information​.
    • ​​​​​​​Selecting the Meeting Options button in the ribbon. (Important: If you open an existing meeting and edit meeting options from the Outlook ribbon, you need to ​select Send Update for your updates to save.)​​​​​​​

If you have delegate permissions on another employee’s calendar (allowing you to schedule meetings on their behalf), you can manage options for their meetings in Outlook, too.

From the Teams​ desktop app

In Teams, you can only update meeting options after sending the invite.

  1. From Calendar, open the invite.
  2. Select Meeting options either near the top of the invite or below the meeting join information.

From the Teams​ mobile app

  1. Select the Calendar icon. Open your previously scheduled meeting.
  2. Select Meeting options below the list of participants.

During the meeting

  1. Select the More actions ellipses […] from the meeting control bar.
  2. Select Meeting options.