Introducing Edge: The AI-powered browser that helps you work smarter. The Edge broswer has been updated with new AI capabilities and a new look.

If you’re looking for a browser that can do more than just surf the web, you’ll love the new Edge. It’s packed with AI features that can help you save time and create better content. Here are some of the things you can do with Edge:

  • Summarize long documents with a click. Whether it’s a financial report, a research paper or a news article, Edge can give you a concise summary of the main points and key facts.
  • Chat with Edge to get answers and insights. You can ask Edge questions about any web page and get relevant information in a conversational way. For example, you can compare financial data from different sources and get a table with the results.
  • Compose content with Edge’s assistance. Edge can help you write anything from a LinkedIn post to a blog article by giving you suggestions based on your prompts. You can also ask Edge to adjust the tone, format and length of your content to suit your needs.

Edge is more than just a browser – it’s your smart assistant on the web. Try it today and see how it can boost your productivity and creativity. Learn more here.