You might be familiar with Internet Explorer or the Chrome Browser, but have you given the Microsoft Edge Browser a try?

Microsoft Edge is a modern browser that packs a lot of punch. It focuses on three pillars.

  1. Better battery life
  2. Performance
  3. Security

Whether you are plugged in or unplugged Edge allows you to have extended battery life for web searching quickly.  The Microsoft Edge team is constantly listening to the customer feedback and finding new and better ways to bring you exceptional browsing experience.

In December of 2018, Microsoft announced their intentions to adopt the Chromium open source project. Chromium is the same engine in which the Google Chrome Browser is built on. The Edge team took on the challenge to create a better web experience with stronger compatibility that will allow you to increase your productivity through the web. The Microsoft Edge Browser continues to be safer and is designed to thrive in a Windows 10 environment.

Check out the Microsoft Edge Insider Forum site and see what the community is talking about as well as learn on how you can test out early releases of the New Microsoft Edge.