The new release of Connections is rolling out between now and March 2023. On desktop, Connections introduces a rich, new experience that aligns with what is currently available on mobile by prominently surfacing dashboard, feed, and resource components. This new experience will be the default layout for the Connections experience on desktop.

The updated Viva Connections experience on desktop is comprised of three main components:

• Dashboard: The dashboard is your employee’s digital toolset. It brings together the tools your employees need, enabling quick and easy access whether they are in the office or in the field by using cards that represent different tasks and functions. Cards on the dashboard can be filtered to the most relevant audience and are designed to drive action and engagement for the people using them. For example, cards that help users clock into a shift, approve an expense report, or submit a ticket to the IT helpdesk. There is a library of existing cards that require little setup, a growing list of third-party cards, and the ability to use the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to build custom cards.

• Feed: The feed delivers updates to the right people at the right time. It’s tightly integrated with Yammer, SharePoint news, and Stream to display a personalized feed, based on news post-level targeting of the groups that employees belong to. Content in the feed is unique to the individual viewer based on the sites and communities they follow and adapts to readers preferences over time.

• Resources: The resources experience enables way finding across platforms to popular destinations. Navigational links in resources can be targeted to specific audience to ensure content is relevant and discoverable. Content in the Frequent sites and Followed sites columns are dynamically generated to display links unique to the individual viewer.

To learn more, check out this video: