As a meeting organizer, the Green room feature lets you “stage” the meeting before it starts.

You and other people you’ve assigned as co-organizers and/or presenters will start the meeting in a separate “room” where you can set up A/V, share content, add apps, and communicate with one another without the attendees hearing or seeing you. Attendees will not be notified that the meeting has started.​​​​​​​

When attendees join, they’ll see a note saying the meeting will start shortly. While they wait, they can interact with chat, Q&A, and other apps you’ve enabled. Once you and other presenters are ready, you can start the meeting.​​​​​​​

To enable Green room:

  1. Open Meeting options for your meeting
  2. Choose co-organizers 
  3. Under Who can present? select either:
    1. Specific people (in which case you’ll add presenters)
    2. Only me and co-organizers 
  4. Toggle on Enable green room
  5. Don’t forget to select Save!

To learn more about Green Rooms: Click Here