The newest posts now show at the top of the channel

This will allow you to find new information much easier, and also make it easier to reply to a conversation thread, rather than accidentally starting a new post. You ca see that the “Start a new post” and “Reply” are no longer close to each other.

Focus on a single conversation

There’s a lot going on in channels, and it can be tough to find the conversation you’re looking for. Now when you select a channel notification in your Activity feed, you’re taken to a focused view of that conversation, where you can read the whole thread and respond. To view the main channel, simply select the “Go to channel” button.

Pop out a conversation

You can now pop out a channel conversation (just like you can with chat) so you have easy access to any key conversations while going about your day.

See channel details at a glance

We’re all members of many teams, which means many channels, so it’s common to find yourself asking: What is this channel, who’s in it, and what’s its purpose?

The new channel details pane provides high-level information about a channel, including its members and description. It also provides quick access to channel search and notifications. If the channel has any pinned posts, they’ll show up here as well. This can be especially helpful for new team members, so they can get up to speed quickly.

If you want to minimize this pane, select the icon in the top-right. This will also open the pane if you don’t see it on a particular channel.